That's No Island. It's An Adventure!

Session 2


Players Present: Bentley, Chad, Scott, Sean F., & Stu

Still Day 2: The party started out by opening the double doors, five beams of light shoot out at the party. Most of the party was spared, but Aaroneous & Dudley were hit, sending them flying out of the cave to parts unknown. As the rest of the party moved on, they came across Medivira & Remington being held in some cages. After Crag Hack & Broly broke open the cages the newly form party headed deeper into he caves. A little bit of poking around goes on, then the party is confronted by some men who demand that they leave. As the fight ended, the last standing enemy threw something down & disappeared in a puff of smoke, leaving only a trail of blood. The party followed the blood trail for a little bit, then stumbled into a strange room of darkness. After getting out of the dark room they found a swordsmith Named Jonathan Reston that was being held hostage an coerced into labor. On their way out of the caves, the party was confronted by a large man who seemed intent on keeping Jonathan from leaving. A fight ensued & the man was slain, slitting his own throat before he was about to lose consciousness. The party then continued to make their way out of the caves with Mr. Reston in tow.

End Session



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