That's No Island. It's An Adventure!

Session 1


Players Present: Aaron, Scott, Sean F., Sean P., & Stu

Day 1: The party arrived on the island via boat, went to a tavern, & promptly got into a bar fight (and won). Right after that the boat blew up. After being prompted by a guard named Alderos “Al” Powell, they agreed to help investigate the boat incident, which Al believes is the work of the The Guild of Thieves. Later that night while on their way to a brothel they ended up agreeing the help execute a heist in the near future with a fellow called Barakas “Brock” Boar. They then proceed for a brief visit a the brothel (I forgot to mention that the person they were talking to about prices & who was working that night was the brothel’s owner, Melinda Nandi.

Day 2: After questioning a shady character in the tavern about the Guild of Thieves. The party heads out to meet Al & get a little money (500gp) for their investigation. Afterwards they head to a suspected entrance to the caves of the Thieves’ Guild only to find it filled with traps & four dead guardsmen. They proceed into the cave, bypassing traps as they go. After getting to the end of a long tunnel, they come to a large, metallic, locked set of double doors.

End Session



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